Holiday Season 2013

My father, at age 98 told me, ‘There’s never enough time”. Apparently he was right. It appears I’m a YEAR behind in posting on this blog my newspaper columns, our cartoons— and other musings. That’s at least 52 columns, and perhaps 100 editorial cartoons and Ranch Tails comic strips. The last posting was the Holiday 2012 cartoon. So it’s only fitting that in playing catch-up, I should now post a couple of Holiday 2013 cartoons.  —Gotta start somewhere! I’ll try to add other, previously published items, little by little. Hope you all have a peaceful holiday season.cartoon shopping on Amazon-copy_edited-1 cartoon it's a wonderful life-copy_edited-1 Cartoon nuclear glow from Iran-copy_edited-1


New Cartoons

cartoon congressional christmas tree-copy_edited-1 cartoon fiscal cliff-copy_edited-1 cartoon fountain pen phone booth_edited-1 cartoon happy taxes-copy_edited-1 cartoon wild turkey-copy_edited-1 cartoons christmas -copy_edited-1 cartoons fiscal cliff and twinkie-copy_edited-1 new year's -copy_edited-1Tom Cruise 2-copy_edited-1 cartoon halloween one frame darth vader-copy_edited-1 cartoon reincarnation Colorado-copy_edited-1 Cartoons Democracy and Ding Dong grape stomp cartoon Hey Comrade-copy_edited-1 Prewitt Middle Aged Multitasking-copy_edited-1

Zack writes most of them and I draw ’em up! petreaus-copy_edited-1 cartoon - rack cartoon Bolshoi 2-copy_edited-1 Made in USA-copy_edited-1

More of our Cartoons


Hope you enjoy our cartoons. They appear in two newspapers in our area. More to follow.  —Genie and Zack

Cranfills Gap Wild Game Cookoff cartoons for Septemberfest